God’s Wondrous Works

O God, you know my rest and waking,
When I lie down and when I rise anew.
You search my thought, my inmost inclination,
The words I speak, the ways I walk,
you know them too.

You saw when I was made in secret,
My very bones not hidden from your sight.
You saw my form; its parts were down in writing.
I praise the wonder of your ways,
extol your might.

Your knowledge, God, is wondrous, fear-inspiring;
Of this my soul is very well aware.
If I should fear that darkness might enfold me,
Your spirit, God, would find me, even there.

Where could I hide from you, Jehovah,
Or be concealed, be hidden from your face?
Not in the heights nor in the depth of Sheol,
Not in the dark nor in the sea, there is no place.

Composed Over:

(Ps. 66:3; 94:19;139; Jer. 17:10.)


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