Bible Teachings – VIII

Many movies have been produced, claiming to be fair and honest to the Bible, only to turn out to be a complete joke, a far cry from the truth, such as Exodus: Gods and Kings, featuring Christian Bale where they make God to be an annoying child or the latest Noah movie featuring Russell Crowe, spiced up with rock monsters, both examples rich in blatant lies and distortions. Imagine the time it will take to get that mental picture and understanding out of the head of people who never read the bible but only seen those movies, they will have a strong belief that the Bible is a joke full of fairytales. Deprogramming them won’t be easy.

Attack on the Bible by apostates isn’t anything new though, and we need not worry.

But for those who wonder.. are there really any movies out there, that we can enjoy watching, ones that are beneficial, truthful and upbuilding? Ones that put real emphasis on the points God makes. What better way to put yourself in the Bible characters place, than by watching an honest God Fearing production that touches the heart and lifts the spirit.

This is part eight, where we get intimately acquainted with a few Bible Characters, seeing their struggles and success come to live in front of us..


In part 7 we go back in time to learn how it all started, how Jehovah was rediscovered by people who truly loved God.

In part 5 and 6 we are taking a deeper look at the Bible and the divine name יהוה, the real hidden name of God the father. Open your heart and listen with it, discern the truth about God.

You can also watch as people search for the only true God, the living and happy God Jehovah by watching and enjoying the beautiful videos in part 1 to 4, click hereherehere and here.

Pursue Goals That Honor God

Warning Examples for Our Day

Respect Jehovah’s Authority



‘Walk by Faith, Not by Sight’



‘Not One Word Has Failed’


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