Bible Teachings – IX

Almost done with videos we now take a look at a few things;

First, who Is the Author of the Bible? And what is the many books in the bible actually about? Let’s take a short, easy to understand look at some of the many books inside the Bible and find out. This is with emphasis on making it easy for people whose knowledge and understanding of the bible is incomplete, it is not a detailed analysis of every thing contained in each book.

Further, why should we consider to study the Bible? And what actually happens at a Bible Study as well as in a Kingdom Hall?


In part 7 we go back in time to learn how it all started, how Jehovah was rediscovered by people who truly loved God and in part 8 we get intimately acquainted with a few Bible Characters, seeing their struggles and success come to live in front of us in honest spirit uplifting movies.

In part 5 and 6 we are taking a deeper look at the Bible and the divine name יהוה, the real hidden name of God the father. Open your heart and listen with it, discern the truth about God.

You can also watch as people search for the only true God, the living and happy God Jehovah by watching and enjoying the beautiful videos in part 1 to 4, click hereherehere and here.


Who Is the Author of the Bible?

(Download Link to magazine in video)

Introduction to Matthew


Introduction to Esther

Introduction to Nehemiah


Introduction to Ezra


Introduction to Job


Why Study the Bible?

(if interested in a free bible study click this link)

What Happens at a Bible Study?

What Happens at a Kingdom Hall?



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