Sugar coated preaching is dangerous to your Soul

2 Timothy 4:3,4

If you are here to get your ears tickled, you have most likely come to the wrong place.

A person who is really seeking to know the truth about God is not going to search the Bible hoping to find a text that he can construe as fitting what he already believes. He wants to know what God’s Word itself says. He may find some texts that he feels can be read in more than one way, but when these are compared with other Biblical statements on the same subject their meaning will become clear.

Why do many fail to understand the meaning of what God in the Bible says? For the same reason people think Jesus is God Almighty, or that you should worship, not the only true God, but a pagan trinity(1,2), or that you should worship idols like a pagan Cross, or an Angel, or a figurine of Mary, or a Saint ect, or that you should not know God’s personal and meaningful name but just call him a Title, such as Lord or God, Many lie about the ransom and teach that you go to heaven if you have been good or that God is cruel and would send your soul to Hell for ever and ever if you make a mistake, making many imperfect people afraid of death(1)… Yes, they even teach that God works in mysterious ways, and is Punishing & killing us with natural disasters left and right without reason or justice to test our faith.They conceal the very reason we suffer so people will never understand the danger they are in, or the beautiful promise that is at hand.

The sheer amount of people in the world who call themself Christians, But who defile, attack and teach false doctrines.. numer not in the millions, but in the Billions.. Jesus stated only very few would find the way, not Billions would find the way..But yes, why? Some simply have preconceived opinions and wrong motives. If they have come to love their traditions whom they grew up with.. kissing a statue of Mary they inherited from their parents, or grandparents.. or Bowing to a Cross and praying because thats what they have done all their life and they love it…

Jesus said of such ones: “You skillfully disregard the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition.” (Mark 7:9) People like these do not really try to get the meaning of the Bible. They do not want to change their ways and views. Their ears may be open, but their hearts are tightly shut.

How many Catholics are there?

An estimated 1,200,000,000 people.

Imagine if they all sat down and read their own encyclopedia…

Who was God again? Jesus?.. No.. Jehovah!

Who was God again? Jesus?.. No.. Jehovah!


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