Can You Know God by Name?

“I am Jehovah. That is my name.” (Isaiah 42:8)


Jehovah Is . . . Great in Power

Let us examine Bible accounts that testify to Jehovah’s power to create, to destroy, to protect, and to restore. Understanding how Jehovah God, who is “vigorous in power,” uses his “dynamic energy” will fill our hearts with awe.—Isaiah 40:26.

Isaiah 6:3; Holy, Holy, Holy Is Jehovah

I saw something glowing like electrum that was like a fire radiating from what appeared to be his waist and upward; and from his waist down, I saw something that resembled fire. There was a brilliance all around him like that of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day. That was how the surrounding brilliant light appeared. It was like the appearance of the glory of Jehovah..
Ezekiel 1:27-29

The Divine Name in the Hebrew Scriptures

The Y י prefixes HWH הוה as an imperfect 3ms verb. Which imperfect 3ms verb has HWH? Ha’Wah (to become). This is where Gods name comes from, the root of it self. Not from Adhonay. The original vowels of YHWH are those from the root of YHWH. The full meaning of the whole name is “He cause to become”.. a fitting name for a creator.

God’s Son’s name reveals the half-vowel in God’s name.
Yehowah’-shu’a´ [Jehovah is Salvation]
If Gods name was Yahweh, then Jesus name would have been Jasus and not Jesus.